Remember to bring any documents you may need, such as International Drivers Licence, Scuba Diving Licence, birth certificate. Photo's of your home, family and friends are always great to have with you, to share with your new friends you meet during your stay. Yes, the town and school are very convenient and are within 5-10 minutes walk from the lodge. The Lodge provides some bicycles for residents to use on casual basis, free of charge. Also two taxi services operated within the area.

All necessary woks, pots and pans, crockery and cutlery are provided. Each Resident is allocated their own kitchen cupboard for personal food storage and use during their stay. The Lodge provides a fully-equipped kitchen in every aspect. Home delivery services are available, see folder of menus held at the lodge. The living areas, shared bathrooms and toilets, are cleaned on a daily bases. Yes, a computer is available in the library/snug room off the living area, with free email and internet access.

We do ask that you conserve water, and keep showers to a 10 minute maximum. Outgoing calls out of town and international may only be made with a phone card. Information and pre-paid mobile phone packages are available on request. Internet connections are available in each room, however set-up and maintenance of line will be at residents own expense. Other guests or travellers may stay for a minimum of one week, by arangement. International Lodge prefers payment by International transfer or direct credit, however can accept visa as a guarantee of reservation and payment.

International Lodge has 7 bedrooms with own en-suite bathrooms and 4 bedrooms who share a bathroom with one other resident. Day excursions fishing, walking and horse riding can be made by arrangement. Residents are required to have adequate travel and medicial insurance, as per our booking conditions. All residents will be issued with their own room key and key to main door. All entrances have security lights, and the on-site Lodge Manager conducts regular security checks each day. Adjoining the living area is a library where a desktop computer and laser printer are connected to the internet. A laundry service is also available - pick up, wash, dry, folded and returned the same day.

A comfortable bed, duvet, pillow, extra blankets, book case/work desk, lamp, and wardrobe fitted with clothes hangers. If you are arriving in Whitianga independently or by bus or airplane, we can meet you and transfer to International Lodge. We can also make reservations on your behalf to get you from the Auckland International airport to Whitianga by road or air, if required. Come and experience the friendly and unique atmosphere at International Lodge. We have travelled extensively ourselves and on arriving in a new town or city, know how important it is to find that perfect place to stay - to suit your budget and your mood. Our style is relaxed and easy going while maintaining the highest standard of accommodation facilities and services for you.

Fun activities in Whitianga

Coromandel peninsula was the first place of arrival for Captain Cook in New Zealand in 1769. It is characterized for having beautiful beaches and areas where forests and mountains seem to merge with the sea composing amazing landscapes. It is ideal to rest during the holidays or during the weekend. If you want to engage in amusing activities such as canoeing, surfing or boat trips, then you must visit the most attractive villa of this region known as Whitianga. Let your favorite beautiful escorts transform your trip into the adventure of your dreams.

Exquisite culinary specialties and white sand beaches

Whitianga town stands out for its diverse places of entertainment and natural spaces. You can begin your adventure by tasting the culinary specialties of the region at the Purangi Estate Limited. Your acquainted gorgeous escort will tell you about the delicious pizza wood fired made in the restaurant.

They use organic ingredients produced by them in their own garden. It allows them to offer you suitable options for your taste including vegan gluten free pizzas.

You and your attractive escort from Eros can enjoy some romantic moments while you taste the most delicious wines at Purangi Estate Limited. The relaxing atmosphere and the soft music provide the ideal environment for the most exquisite experience.

You can also taste more of the local gastronomy at the Scallop Festival. You will delight on a variety of unique dishes prepared by the most well known chefs of the region.

Hot water beach is an impressive geothermal region of this town that you cannot miss out. This natural setting is located on Mercury Bay about 12 km of Whitianga.

You and your adventurous escorts can delight on relaxing moments at this incredible destination. Here you will find natural springs of hot water with temperatures near the 60 Celsius degrees. Do not forget to take a bucket and a spade to dig a hole and make your own comfortable pool to enjoy quality time.

Tropical forests and adventure

Coromandel has many recreating options for you and your striking escorts at reasonable prices. Whitianga concentrates the majority of them. You and these adventurous ladies can explore caves and observe seals and dolphins on their natural habitat by engaging in Kayak tours.

If you like diving, this is your chance to enjoy a close encounter with nature at a beautiful sea bottom. You will be properly equipped with respirator and mask that will allow you to explore a wide variety of corals, plants and marine life.

To make the most of this trip, your acquainted escort will recommend you to visit Coromandel peninsula around the last months of the year. It is then when the sea water has a nice temperature of around 21 degrees.

Cathedral cove is another feature of Whitianga estuary that will amaze you. Here you will find the Te Whanganui marine reserve where you can dive to contemplate unique species of fishes and corals.

You can enjoy a fabulous walk through the coastline accompanied by your stunning escorts. You could also explore the area on a kayak if you want to have some fun.